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Japanese Climbing Fern

Scientific Name

Lygodium japonicum (Thunb. ex Murr.) Sw. (ITIS)

Common Name

Japanese climbing fern


Ophioglossum japonicum (Fuchs 1960)

Native To

Asia and Australia (Leichty et al. 2011)

Date of U.S. Introduction

Early 1900s (Leichty et al. 2011)

Means of Introduction

Introduced as an ornamental (Leichty et al. 2011)


Smothers native vegetation by blocking sunlight and increases fire risk by allowing fire to spread up trees along its vines (Minogue et al. 2009)

Current U.S. Distribution

Southeastern U.S., Hawaii

Japanese climbing fern
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Japanese climbing fern


Photo by Chris Evans; University of Illinois

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