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Provides information for conferences and events related to invasive species. We maintain past conferences as they can be helpful in finding relevant experts and papers. The Education for Professionals section explores opportunities related to continuing education for invasive species management professionals.

Please Note: If you would like your invasive species related conference or event posted here, please contact us.

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July 2017

Jul 09, 2017 to Jul 12, 2017
Venue: University of Aston
Location: Birmingham,  United Kingdom
Jul 10, 2017 to Jul 14, 2017
Sponsor: Hosted by the University of Dundee and the South Georgia Heritage Trust
Venue: University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building
Location: Dundee,  Scotland
Notes: This will be the third in a series of international conferences focussed on invasive alien species (IAS) on islands, their impact and management. It follows those held in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2001 and 2010. The Dundee conference will therefore be the first such meeting for seven years, and the first to be held in the northern hemisphere.
Jul 18, 2017 to Jul 21, 2017
Venue: Kellogg Conference Hotel, Gallaudet University
Location: Washington, D.C. 
Notes: The conference will be held in Washington, D.C. to encourage attendance and participation of federal agencies and legislators seeking to learn about current wildlife fertility control research and how these methods could be applied to wildlife population management globally.
Jul 23, 2017 to Jul 29, 2017
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Location: Shenzhen,  China
Jul 31, 2017 to Aug 02, 2017
Sponsor: Co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Chapters of the Invasive Plant Council and the Society of Ecological Restoration
Venue: Juniata College
Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 

August 2017

Aug 06, 2017 to Aug 11, 2017
Venue: Oregon Convention Center
Location: Portland, Oregon 
Aug 07, 2017 to Aug 09, 2017
Location: Rome,  Italy
Aug 21, 2017 to Aug 25, 2017
Venue: China National Convention Center
Location: Beijing,  China
Notes: Theme: Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World

September 2017

Sep 01, 2017 to Sep 02, 2017
Location: Prague,  Czech Republic
Sep 04, 2017 to Sep 08, 2017
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Location: Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia
Notes: Theme: Combating Zoonoses: Strength in East-West Partnerships
Sep 04, 2017 to Sep 08, 2017
Location: Lisbon,  Portugal
Sep 19, 2017 to Sep 22, 2017
Venue: Kyoto Research Park
Location: Kyoto,  Japan
Sep 25, 2017 to Sep 27, 2017
Sponsor: Australasian Plant Pathology Society
Venue: Bribane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Location: Brisbane,  Australia

October 2017

Date: Oct 01, 2017
Venue: University of New England
Location: Armidale, New South Wales Australia
Oct 10, 2017 to Oct 12, 2017
Venue: Hilton Fort Collins
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado 
Oct 22, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017
Venue: Marriott Coral Springs
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Oct 23, 2017 to Oct 27, 2017
Venue: Anchorage Beach Resort
Location: Lautoka,  Fiji

November 2017

Nov 05, 2017 to Nov 08, 2017
Venue: Colorado Convention Center
Location: Denver, Colorado 

March 2018

Mar 19, 2018 to Mar 22, 2018
Location: Baltimore, Maryland 
Notes: The IPM Symposium is the premier global event for professional development, networking with colleagues and leading scientists, and learning the latest research and strategies for effectively managing pests in agriculture, communities, and natural areas.

July 2018

Jul 29, 2018 to Aug 03, 2018
Sponsor: The American Phytopathological Society / The International Society for Plant Pathology
Location: Boston, Massachusetts 
Notes: Theme - Plant Health in a Global Economy

August 2018

Aug 05, 2018 to Aug 10, 2018
Venue: Kentucky International Convention Center
Location: Louisville, Kentucky 
Aug 19, 2018 to Aug 24, 2018
Sponsor: International Association for Plant Biotechnology
Venue: Convention Centre Dublin
Location: Dublin,  Ireland

November 2018

Nov 25, 2018 to Nov 30, 2018
Venue: Stellenbosch University
Location: Stellenbosch,  South Africa