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English Ivy

Scientific Name

Hedera spp. (Green at al. 2013)

Common Name

English ivy, Atlantic ivy, Irish ivy

Native To
Date of U.S. Introduction

Earliest records of naturalization are from the 1870s (Green at al. 2013)

Means of Introduction

Nursery trade (Green at al. 2013)


Competes with native plants and can spread into tree canopies (Yang 2013)

English ivy
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English ivy, close up of foliage


Photo by David Stephens,

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  • A Proliferation of Ivy

    • Mar 10, 2022
    • North America Invasive Species Management Association.

    • Different invasive ivy species may have different habitat preferences and kill techniques. Learn how to identify among different species — then report them to EDDMapS so researchers can access data!

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