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Chinese Privet

Scientific Name

Ligustrum sinense Lour. (ITIS)

Common Name

Chinese privet, small-leaf privet, Chinese ligustrum


Ligustrum villosum

Native To

Asia (Cuda et al.)

Date of U.S. Introduction

1800s (Cuda et al.)

Means of Introduction

Introduced as an ornamental (Cuda et al.)


Forms dense thickets that displace native species (Cuda et al.)

Current U.S. Distribution

Southern and Eastern U.S.

Chinese privet
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Chinese privet, flowers; inflorenscense with unopened buds


Photo by Karen Brown; University of Georgia

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  • Chinese Privet, Arthropods, and Bees

    • Apr 8, 2021
    • USDA. FS. Southern Research Station. CompassLive.

    • Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) is one of the worst invasive plants in the South. It dominates the shrub layer and often becomes the only shrub underneath trees, especially in streamside areas. But insects and spiders living in fallen leaves and leaf litter were not affected by a privet invasion in Georgia, as a recent study shows.

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