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Scientific Name

Avipoxvirus (Pringle 1999)

Common Name

Fowlpox, avian pox, canarypox, juncopox, mynahpox, pigeonpox, psittacinepox, quailpox, sparrowpox, starlingpox, turkeypox viruses

Native To

Historically occurred worldwide (USGS 1999)

Date of U.S. Introduction

Historically present in the continental U.S.; was first discovered in Hawaii in 1902 (Lebbin et al. 2010; Loope 2010)

Means of Introduction

Probably introduced to Hawaii with imported birds and was spread by introduced mosquito species (Loope 2010)


Viral disease that infects over 60 species of birds (USGS 1999)

Current U.S. Distribution

Has occurred throughout the U.S.

Avian pox - DOI, USGS
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Avian pox lesions typically are found on featherless parts of the body.


Wallace R. Hansen

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