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Chrysanthemum White Rust

Scientific Name

Puccinia horiana Henn. (Whipps 1993)

Common Name

Chrysanthemum white rust

Native To
Date of U.S. Introduction

First discovered in 1977; was believed to have been eradicated but has reappeared several times (Bonde et al. 2015)

Means of Introduction

Potential of this organism to be transported with prohibited articles of chrysanthemum. (APHIS 2008)


Serious fungal disease of chrysanthemums that causes infected plants to be unmarketable, resulting in large economic losses (Wise et al. 2004)

Current U.S. Distribution

Not currently established

Chrysanthemum white rust, symptoms
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Chrysanthemum white rust, symptoms


Photo by Flroida Division of Plant Industry, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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