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Avian pox - DOI, USGS
Scientific Name:
Avipoxvirus (Pringle 1999)
Common Name:
Fowlpox, avian pox, canarypox, juncopox, mynahpox, pigeonpox, psittacinepox, quailpox, sparrowpox, starlingpox, turkeypox viruses
Avian pox - Wallace R. Hansen
Native To:
Historically occurred worldwide (USGS 1999)
Date of U.S. Introduction:
Historically present in the continental U.S.; was first discovered in Hawaii in 1902 (Lebbin et al. 2010; Loope 2010)
Means of Introduction:
Probably introduced to Hawaii with imported birds and was spread by introduced mosquito species (Loope 2010)
Viral disease that infects over 60 species of birds (USGS 1999)
Current U.S. Distribution:
Has occurred throughout the U.S.


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