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Alder Dieback

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Phytophthora disease of alders (Alder dieback)
Scientific Name:

Phytophthora alni Brasier and Kirk (Brasier et al. 2004)

Common Name:
Alder dieback
Phytophthora disease of alders (Alder dieback), symptoms - Photo by Andrej Kunca; Slovakia National Forest Centre
Native To:

First identified in Europe (Aguayo et al. 2013)

Date of U.S. Introduction:

Not introduced

Means of Introduction:

European introductions occurred through infected nursery stock (Adams et al. 2008)


Infects and kills alder trees (trees of the genus Alnus) (Gibbs et al. 1999)

Current U.S. Distribution:
Not currently established

Distribution/Maps/Survey Status


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