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African Swine Fever

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African swine fever research
Scientific Name:
African swine fever virus (Alonso et al. 2018)
Common Name:
African swine fever
Microbiologist Zhiqiang Lu uses a DNA sequencer to examine genetically engineered African swine fever viruses - Photo by Keith Weller; USDA, Agricultural Research Service


Native To:
First identified in Kenya in 1921 (Sánchez‐Vizcaíno et al. 2012)
Date of U.S. Introduction:
Has not been detected in the U.S. (Brown and Bevin 2018)
Means of Introduction:
Most likely pathway into the U.S. is the illegal importation of swine products or byproducts (APHIS)
Highly contagious and fatal viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs; one of the most economically devastating diseases of swine (APHIS; Sánchez‐Vizcaíno et al. 2012)


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