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National Invasive Species Council Annual Work Plan

In 2020, National Invasive Species Council (NISC) activities were modified from a five-year management plan to an Annual Work Plan. The NISC Annual Work Plan reflects the general coordination responsibilities of the NISC staff. It sets these tasks in the context of thematic priority activities that will help guide NISC activities over the coming year.

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Executive Orders for Invasive Species

Executive Order 13112 established the National Invasive Species Council in 1999. Executive Order 13751 signed in 2016 amends Executive Order 13112 and directs actions to continue coordinated Federal prevention and control efforts related to invasive species.

The specific focus of the Council is to ensure that Federal agency activities concerning invasive species are coordinated, complementary, cost-efficient, and effective.

National Invasive Species Council Staff

For questions regarding the Annual Work Plan and/or the activities of the National Invasive Species Council, please see: