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Executive Order 11987 - Exotic Organisms

Signed on May 24, 1977 by President Jimmy Carter, Executive Order 11987 requires Federal agencies, to the extent permitted by law, to: restrict the introduction of exotic species into the natural ecosystems on lands and waters owned or leased by the United States; encourage States, local governments, and private citizens to prevent the introduction of exotic species into natural ecosystems of the U.S.; restrict the importation and introduction of exotic species into any natural U.S. ecosystems as a result of activities they undertake, fund, or authorize; and restrict the use of Federal funds, programs, or authorities to export native species for introduction into ecosystems outside the U.S. where they do not occur naturally.

The Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior authorized to allow the importation of exotics and the export of native species if natural ecosystems will not be adversely affected. The Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture and the heads of other agencies, is to develop and implement regulations pursuant to the Executive Order.

Note: Executive Order 13312 revokes the preceding Executive Order 11987.