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Provides selected resources for Students from agencies and organizations with an interest in the prevention, control, or eradication of invasive species.

See also:

  • Outreach and Awareness for general information and outreach materials to increase awareness of invasive species issues
  • Public Awareness Campaign for campaigns and programs designed to increase public awareness of invasive species issues
  • Educator resources for educators helping students learn more about invasive species issues
  • What You Can Do to learn about general volunteer opportunities and ways the average citizen can help to control invasive species


  • Hungry Pests - Kid's Activities

    • USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

    • You can play a role in protecting our nation’s crops, forests, parks and trees from hungry pests! Enjoy these games and activities as you learn more about invasive species, and ways you can help stop their spread.

Selected Resources

The section below contains highly relevant resources for this subject, organized by source.

Council or Task Force
  • Games & Activities

    • Invasive Species Council of British Columbia.

    • Invasive species are a real threat to British Columbia’s amazing natural environment. With the right education about invasive species early on, we can hope our youth will hit the ground running. These fun games, video and activities for kids help break down the issues around invasive species and their impacts.

  • The Invasive Species Coloring Book [PDF, 5.27 MB]

    • 2017
    • Western New York Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management.

    • See also: Educational Resources for more information

  • Living in an Ecosystem Near You: Invasive Alien Species [PDF, 334 KB]

  • Natural Inquirer - Invasive Species Edition [PDF, 11.3 MB]

    • 2006
    • USDA. Forest Service; FIND Outdoors.

    • In this edition of Natural Inquirer, you will learn about several different invasive species. You will learn about how these invasive species spread and the studies that scientists conduct to better understand and stop the spread of invasive species. After this Natural Inquirer edition, you will be able to help spread the word about what invasive species are and how to control them! 
      See also: Invasive Species Issue for more information.

  • Alien Detectives

    • Scottish Invasive Species Initiative.

    • Here you'll find presentations, activities, worksheets, quizzes, crafts, puzzles and games, all themed around invasive alien species and the river environment which can all be downloaded and shared. There is an introductory presentation to start you off and all activities have notes and answer sheets to help you along – so you don’t need any prior knowledge to use and enjoy them. The activities can be done in groups e.g. a school class but many can be completed individually at home or in the outdoors

  • Invasive Species Action Network - Virtual Classroom

    • Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN).

    • The lessons ISAN has developed can be used in the classroom as stand-alone topics, supplement classroom concepts, but also these lessons are for the curious learner who just wants to open the door and learn about topics on invasive species and water.

International Government
  • Mission Biosecurity

    • New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (Australia).

    • The departments of agriculture and primary industries across Australia have proudly partnered with Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia to develop a suite of interactive and digital resources which showcase the importance of biosecurity across Australia. Join us on Mission: Biosecurity. As you Watch, Play & Listen, you’ll discover what Biosecurity is, how it can impact our way of life and how we can all help protect our environment, community and economy from biosecurity baddies. ​ Biosecurity – Be a part of it!

State and Local Government