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Invasive Species Resources includes all of NISIC's resources. Resources are listed alphabetically by title, and the listing can be filtered using refinements and/or by species name. 

Select terms from the "Refine Search" section to filter resources and display information by: SubjectResource Type, Location, or Source.
  • Multiple terms may be selected together.
  • Select the "X" to deselect any refinements or terms "You searched for" which are displayed below the search box. Or select "Start Over" to clear all selected terms and return to the main Invasive Species Resources page.
  • You may also search for species-related resources by common or scientific name. If you wish to search for species-related resources and use refinements, enter the species name first before selecting the terms.
Please note: Please use the "Search Invasive Species" search box located in the top of every NISIC web page if you would like to search for keyword(s) or a phrase to locate information anywhere on NISIC's site.