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Search Help

Resource Search includes all of NISIC's resources in one interface (resources included on Species Profiles, Location, and Subject and Resource Type pages). Resources are displayed alphabetically by title, and the listing can be filtered using refinements and/or by keywords (including species names). By default, all site resources are initially displayed, unless you accessed resources linked from species profiles, location, or  subject or resource type pages that have been pre-filtered to display all related resources.

To filter resources - in the "Refine Search" section, click the "Filter By..." heading to display options by Species (common name), Subject, Resource Type, Location, or Source.

  • Select or deselect checkboxes to filter resources. Multiple terms may be selected together in the same section and/or in different sections (Subject, Resource Type, Location or Source). The number included in parentheses indicates the number of resources for each term.
    • After a term is selected, you can deselect the filter by clicking the term name with the "X".

To search by keyword(s) - enter keywords in the search box for terms that may be located anywhere in the resource. You may also search for species-related resources by common or scientific name.

  • If you wish to search by keyword or species-related resources and use refinements (Subject, Resource Type, Location or Source), enter the keyword or species name first before selecting the refinements.

Please note: Please use the "Search NISIC's site" search option located at the top of all site pages to search for keyword(s) or phrase to find information anywhere on NISIC's site.