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New Mexico

Provides selected New Mexico resources from agencies and organizations with an interest in the prevention, control, or eradication of invasive species.


  • New Mexico Noxious Weed List [PDF, 264 KB]

  • New Rules to Battle Aquatic Invasive Species Now in Effect

    • Jul 2017
    • New Mexico Game & Fish.

    • New rules to combat the spread of aquatic invasive species in New Mexico went into effect July 11, 2017. Changes include:

      • Watercraft owners are required to stop at an inspection station whenever one is set up and in operation.
      • Mandatory inspection and, if necessary, decontamination is required of all out-of-state registered watercraft or watercraft re-entering the state of New Mexico.
      • All boaters are required to "pull the plug" and completely drain watercraft when transporting on a New Mexico roadway.

State Specific Threats

Selected Resources

The section below contains highly relevant resources for this location, organized by source.

State and Local Government
  • Forest Health

    • New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department. State Forestry Division.

  • Invasive Species and Diseases

    • New Mexico Game & Fish.

  • Noxious Weed Information

    • New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

    • New Mexico Department of Agriculture coordinates weed management among local, state, and federal land managers as well as private land owners.

  • Vegetation Management

    • New Mexico Department of Transportation.

    • Vegetation control is necessary to slow and/or prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Federal and State Executive orders require the Department to take steps to prevent the spread of invasive or noxious plants.

  • Brush and Weed Information in New Mexico

    • New Mexico State University.

  • Plant Diagnostic Clinic

    • New Mexico State University. College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.

    • The Plant Diagnostic Clinic is designed to provide plant diagnostic services for the state of New Mexico. The clinic also facilitates insect and weed identification through referrals to other specialists.