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Manager's Tool Kit
Policy Development

Describes general guidelines for developing policies, strategies, and other methods of controlling invasive species. See other sections for species specific information:

Selected Resources:


Invasive Alien Species - A Toolkit of Best Prevention and Management Practices (2001; PDF | 1.62 MB)
Global Invasive Species Programme.
Note: See Chapter 2 - Building Strategy and Policy.

Federal Government

Environmental Economics Research Strategy
EPA. National Center for Environmental Economics.

National Invasive Species Management Plan
USDA. NAL. National Invasive Species Information Center.
Prepared by: National Invasive Species Council

National Strategic Framework for Invasive Species Management (2013)
USDA. FS. Forest Health Protection.

International Government

Review of Non-Native Species Policy: Report of the Working Group (Mar 2003; PDF | 634 KB)
United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Invasive Alien Species
EUROPA. European Commission.
The European Commission presented a series of policy options for developing a strategy to deal with species from abroad which are threatening European biodiversity.


Biodiversity Conservation Handbook: State, Local, and Private Protection of Biological Diversity (2006)
Environmental Law Institute.
Note: Ordering information and includes Table of Contents (PDF | 81 KB)

(ESA Report) Biological Invasions: Recommendations for U.S. Policy and Management (2006)
Ecological Society of America.
Ecological Applications, 16(6), 2006, pp. 2035–2054.

Biological Invasions: Recommendations for U.S. Policy and Management - Position Paper (Mar 2, 2006; PDF | 362 KB)
Ecological Society of America.

Invasive Species: Impacts, Challenges, and Strategies for Management (Mar 7, 2012) - Recorded Video Presentation
Resources for the Future.
At this seminar, panelists tackled these issues from a variety of perspectives, including examination of recent efforts to quantify the impacts of invasive species on the Great Lakes ecosystem, discussion of cost-efficient strategies to manage new and established invaders, and exploration of how cross-jurisdictional spread of invasive species hinders management. A global perspective was provided in an overview of the U.S. State Department's engagement on these issues, and novel approaches for combating invasive species through market creation were discussed. The seminar engaged expert panelists to help forge insight to improved management and new strategies for reducing the enormous economic and ecological impacts of invasive species.

Status and Trends in State Invasive Species Policy: 2002-2009 (May 2010)
Environmental Law Institute.
This report reviews developments in state laws and regulations governing invasive species in eleven states. It finds that invasive species laws and regulations are often fragmented and incomplete and have developed primarily on a species-by-species basis in response to crisis. As a result, they often fail to address potential future invaders or close off known invasion pathways. Fortunately, states have begun regulating invasion pathways and identifying species that may become invasive in the future due to climate change or other factors. States are increasingly creating interagency councils and management plans to coordinate these novel invasive species responses.

Invasive Species - Legislation
National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

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Last Modified: Jan 09, 2018
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