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Aquatic Species


Lists newsletters and other periodicals related to invasive aquatic species. See Resource Library - Newsletters for general resources, pest management and other species.

Aquatic Species


Publications - ANS Update Newsletter
Great Lakes Commission. Aquatic Nuisance Species.
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Aquatic Invasive Species News
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Aquatic Invasive Species Network.
Update - The Aquatic Nuisance Species News in a Nutshell was discontinued in Jul 2012. A regional newsletter "Aquatic Invasive Species News" has taken its place.
This origin of this newsletter is attributable to Joan Cabreza, who while working for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) produced the former newsletter Invasive News in a Nutshell (Mar 2003 - Mar 2008). Joan retired from the EPA in early 2008 and agreed to continue as the editor of the "the Nutshell" under the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission's (PSMFC) Aquatic Nuisance Species Program. Like its precursor, it focuses primarily on regional and aquatic issues, but it also contains some terrestrial, national and international invasive events of interest.

NEANS Panel Resource Digest
Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel.
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Federal Government

Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS) Newsletters
DOD. Army Corp of Engineers.
Quarterly publication that strives to keep stakeholders apprised of current events, study progress, involvement opportunities and product delivery team information concerning GLMRIS and aquatic nuisance species.


Ballast Exchange Newsletters
University of California. West Coast Ballast Outreach Program.

Invader Updater
University of Florida. IFAS. Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.
First published in Winter 2009, this quarterly electronic newsletter is published by Dr. Steve Johnson and Monica McGarrity of the University of Florida, IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center. The Invader Updater focuses on topics related to invasive vertebrate animals in Florida and the southeastern U.S. On occasion, we may also cover issues relevant in other parts of the U.S. (or the world), or provide information on nonindigenous species that are not yet considered invasive.

The Helm
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.
Published twice yearly by the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant to increase understanding of the issues that affect the southern Lake Michigan region.

Shoreline Newsletter
California Sea Grant.

Twineline Newsletter
Ohio State University. Sea Grant.
Quarterly newsletter covering issues, events, and research related to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.

Upwellings Online
Michigan Sea Grant.
Quarterly newsletter reporting on Michigan Sea Grant research, extension, education, and other Great Lakes issues and activities.

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Aquatic Plants


Aquaphyte Newsletter
University of Florida. Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Information Retrieval System.
Aquaphyte is published once or twice yearly and covers news of interest to aquatic, wetland and invasive plant researchers, regulators, managers, students and others.


Nor'Easter Newsletters
Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society.

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Last Modified: Aug 21, 2018
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