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Invasive Plant Science and Management - Apr-Jun 2014 (Vol 7, No. 2)

Articles include:

Bioenergy and Invasive Plants: Quantifying and Mitigating Future Risks
Medusahead Ecology and Management: California Annual Grasslands to the Intermountain West
Does Elevated Temperature and Doubled CO2 Increase Growth of Three Potentially Invasive Plants?
Restoration of Exotic Annual Grass-Invaded Rangelands: Importance of Seed Mix Composition
Effects of Native Herbs and Light on Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) Invasion

-- and more...

Note: Article abstracts are available to everyone. Full-text articles may require a subscription (USDA access through DigiTop).

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Post Date: Jul 02, 2014

Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council.

The PNW Invasive Plant Council is working in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and other state and local conservation groups on a Citizen Science EDRR (Early Detection Rapid Response) program. They are excited to recruit new volunteers and inspire their current volunteer base to search for and eradicate invasive plant populations in Washington state. See how you can help as a Citizen Scientist to help detect newly established invasive species!

Find out more -- June training locations and dates for 2014.

* See our Plants - What You Can Do for more information and additional resources.

Post Date: Jun 16, 2014