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Invasive Plant Science and Management - Apr-Jun 2014 (Vol 7, No. 2)

Articles include:

Bioenergy and Invasive Plants: Quantifying and Mitigating Future Risks
Medusahead Ecology and Management: California Annual Grasslands to the Intermountain West
Does Elevated Temperature and Doubled CO2 Increase Growth of Three Potentially Invasive Plants?
Restoration of Exotic Annual Grass-Invaded Rangelands: Importance of Seed Mix Composition
Effects of Native Herbs and Light on Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) Invasion

-- and more...

Note: Article abstracts are available to everyone. Full-text articles may require a subscription (USDA access through DigiTop).

* See our Scientific Journals page to view the first 5 abstracts or all abstracts, and additional resources. And, also see our Scientific Journal Articles section for more resources.

Post Date: Jul 02, 2014