Laws and Regulations

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Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA issued a final vessel general permit (VGP) regulating vessel discharges from commercial vessels, including ballast water, to protect the nation's waters from ship-borne pollutants and reduce invasive species in U.S. waters. The permit imposes international cleanliness standards that the Coast Guard also adopted in regulations it issued last year.

* See our Species Profile - Ballast Water page for more information and additional resources.

Post Date: Apr 04, 2013

USDA. Agricultural Marketing Service.

This publication (updated annually) contains information about the various State labeling requirements and prohibitions of noxious-weed seeds and shows the scientific names and common names according to the law and regulations of the particular State in which the seed is noxious. See Seed Publications for more information and Items of Interest in Seed (publications for seed control officials and seed companies; updated every Apr/Oct). See Seed Regulatory and Testing Services and Seed Publications for more information.

* See our Laws and Regulations - Multistate Laws section for more information and resources.

Post Date: Mar 12, 2013