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News and Events
Conferences and Workshops

Conference Proceedings


2004 / Multi-year Resources

2004 Pierce's Disease Research Symposium
Dec 7-10, 2004
San Diego, California

Alternative Ballast Water Exchange Zones (PDF | 441 KB)
Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2004
Montréal, Quebec
Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat

Early Detection and Reporting of Invasive Species Workshop Summary (PDF | 493 KB)
Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2004
The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia
Strange Days on Planet Earth Impact Team

California Forest Pest Council 53rd Annual Meeting What’s New in Forest Insect and Pathogen Research and Management? Proceedings
Nov 9-10, 2004
Woodland, California

2004 Janet Meakin Poor Research Symposium: "Celebrating 10 Years of the Plant Conservation Alliance - Conservation and Restoration of Plant Communities" (Abstracts)
Oct 26, 2004
Glencoe, Illinois

2nd National Invasive Rodent Summit
Oct 19-21, 2004
Fort Collins, Colorado

Acadian Entomological Society 64th Annual Meeting (DOC | 521 KB)
Oct 15-18, 2004
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

California Invasive Plant Council Symposium: Invasive Plants and the Wildland/ Urban Interface
Oct 7-9, 2004
Holiday Inn Ventura Beach Resort
Ventura, California

2nd EPPO Workshop on Pest Risk Analysis
Oct 5-7, 2004
Budapest, Hungary

Emerald Ash Borer Research and Technology Development Meeting
Oct 5-6, 2004
Crown Plaza, Romulus, Michigan

13th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species
Sep 20-24, 2004
Lynch West County Hotel
Ennis, County Clare, Ireland

14th Australian Weeds Conference Proceedings: Weed Management - Balancing People, Planet, Profit
Sep 6-9, 2004
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

Program of Research on the Economics of Invasive Species Management Workshop (webarchive)
Aug 19-20, 2004
Washington, D.C.

57th New Zealand Plant Protection Conference
Aug 10-12, 2004
Hamilton, New Zealand

California Conference on Biological Control IV (PDF | 23 MB)
Jul 13-15, 2004
University of California - Berkeley, California

Building Capacity to Combat Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Species and Associated Trans-boundary Pathogens in ASEAN Countries (PDF | 1.5 MB)
Jul 12-16, 2004
Penang, Malaysia

Conference Archives - 2004 Hawaii Conservation Conference - "Hawaii's Invasive Species Challenges"
Jun 29-30, 2004
Honolulu, Hawaii

Proceedings of the Invasive Species Research Strategic Planning Workshop of the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (Sep 2004; PDF | 2.56 MB)
Jun 23, 2004
Radisson Hotel, La Crosse, Wisconsin
U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
Also see: Research on Invasive Species in the Mississippi and Great Lakes Basin

4th International Weed Science Congress - Abstracts
Jun 20-15, 2004
Durban, South Africa

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National Conference on Urban Entomology (PDF | 2 MB)
May 20-22, 2004
Phoenix, Arizona

Economics of Detection and Control of Invasive Species: Workshop Highlights (Sep 2004; PDF | 238 KB)
Apr 30, 2004
North Dakota State University, Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies

Experts Meeting on Implementation of a Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN) - GISIN Publications & Products including Proceedings (PDF | 8.34 MB)
Apr 6-8, 2004
Baltimore, Maryland

Team Tamarisk: Cooperating For Results
Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2004
Radisson Hotel and Conference Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Use of Fire as a Tool for Controlling Invasive Plants / Final Report JFSP Project Number 06-S-01 (May 8, 2006; PDF | 160 KB)
California Invasive Plant Council.
This report is based on input from an expert committee of scientists and land managers experienced in the use
of fire as a tool to manage invasive plants. The following individuals participated in a workshop Mar 29-30,
2004, hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey in Henderson, Nevada.

2004 55th Annual AIBS Meeting - Invasive Species: The Search for Solutions
Mar 16-18, 2004
Washington, DC
American Institute of Biological Sciences

Prevention and Management of Invasive Alien Species: Forging Cooperation Throughout West Africa (PDF | 903 KB)
Mar 9-11, 2004
Accra, Ghana

Ohio Invasive Plant Research Conference: Bridging the Gap Between Land Management and Research Proceedings (Aug 2005; PDF | 1.96 MB)
Mar 5, 2004
Columbus, Ohio

Meeting the Challenge: Governor's Summit on Invasive Species - Summary
Feb 17, 2004
Boise, Idaho
Idaho Invasive Species Summit

Proceedings: XV U.S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Research Forum on Gypsy Moth and Other Invasive Species 2004 (PDF | 1.2 MB)
Jan 13-16, 2004
Annapolis, Maryland

2004 Wyoming Cheatgrass Workshop
Date Unknown

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Last Modified: Jan 20, 2016
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