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News and Events
In the News

Oct 2008

Selected "In the News" items previously featured on NISIC for this month. See the In the News Archives to view previously posted items by year and month.

See our What's New section for current items of interest.

Avian report cover

Avian and Pandemic Influenza: The Global Response (PDF | 2.3 MB) (Oct 2008)
United States Department of State. Avian Influenza Action Group.

Related Reports for Avian Influenza

Wildlife Forever logo

Wildlife Forever Receives "Rise To The Future" Award For Excellence in Public Outreach (Oct 29, 2008)
Wildlife Forever.
U.S. Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell recognized Wildlife Forever's Threat Campaign (PDF | 1.5 MB), a national, multi-media educational outreach effort targeted to hunters and anglers in the battle against invasive species. The Award recognized the Campaign's efficiency wherein Wildlife Forever and partners generated more than 382 million impressions—reaching 1,000 people with every $1 invested.

ITAP logo

Federal Interagency Committee on Invasive Terrestrial Animals and Pathogens (ITAP)
ITAP is the Federal Interagency Committee on Invasive Terrestrial Animals and Pathogens. ITAP's mission is to support and facilitate more efficient networking and sharing of technical information for program planning and coordination among Federal Agencies and Departments involved with invasive species research and management. ITAP focuses on several major taxonomic groups of invasive species for which improved technical coordination is essential to facilitate effective Federal responses. ITAP's mission parallels and complements the missions of the Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds (FICMNEW) and the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force (ANSTF).

APHIS logo

Lacey Act
USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
The 2008 Farm Bill (the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (PDF | 1.5 MB), effective May 22, 2008, amended the Lacy Act. The amended Act now covers a broad range of plants and plant products, including timber deriving from illegally harvested plants. Import declarations requirements become effective Dec 15, 2008; enforcements of the requirements will be phased-in.

Citrus canker - Invasive.org

Species Profile -- Citrus Canker
USDA. NAL. National Invasive Species Information Center.
Citrus canker is a bacterial disease that causes lesions on the leave, stems, and fruit of citrus trees. While not harmful to humans, the disease affects the health and marketability of infected fruit. Citrus canker is spread by wind and rain.

Rusty crayfish - USGS, FISC

Species Profile -- Rusty Crayfish
USDA. NAL. National Invasive Species Information Center.
Rusty crayfish are an aggressive species that cause a variety of negative environmental and economic impacts when introduced to new waters. Rusty crayfish often displace native or existing crayfish species and destroy aquatic plant beds.

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Last Modified: Apr 28, 2015
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