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References: Regional Plant Centers

plants.ifas.ufl.edu/ is the Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants since 1979. The site contains images and information for 383 native and non-native species found in Florida plus.

blm.gov.education/high_plains/ takes you to The High Plains weed site.

blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/more/weeds.html focuses on the spread of weeds in Western Wildlands.

npwrc.usgs.gov targets weeds of the Prairie Region. It includes the Hiebert ranking assessment.

invader.dbs.umt.edu is the website of the INVADERS Database System from the University of Montana contains the INVADERS Database System provided by the Agricultural research Service (ARS), USDA. The site includes U.S. and Canadian noxious weed lists.

www.newenglandwild.org the New England Wild Flower Society addresses invasive plants in New England.

uni.edu/irvm is the Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management homepage from the newnational center at the University of Northern Iowa.

sbsc.wr.usgs.gov/research/projects/swepic/swepic.asp serves the southwest via the Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse. This site is filled with practical information for this region.

weedcenter.org is home to an in-depth western weed clearinghouse of information. The information comes to us from the Center for Invasive Plant Management in Bozeman, Montana

wsweedscience.org is home to the Western Society of Weed Science, made up of seed science professionals in the western U.S. and Canada.

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