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[Executive Summary] | [Introduction] | [Survey of Federal Roles & Responsibilities] |
[An Action Plan for the Nation] | [Conclusion] | [Appendices]

National Invasive Species Council

Hon. Bruce Babbit

Secretary of the Interior
Hon. Dan Glickman

Secretary of Agriculture
Hon. Norman Mineta

Secretary of Commerce
Hon. Madeline K. Albright
Secretary of State
Hon. Rodney E. Slater
Secretary of Transportation
Hon. William S. Cohen
Secretary of Defense
Hon. Lawrence H. Summers
Secretary of the Treasury
Hon. Carol Browner
Environmental Protection Agency

Principal Representatives
William Y. Brown
Science Advisor to the Secretary
Department of the Interior
Richard Rominger
Deputy Secretary
Department of Agriculture
Alfred Beeton
Senior Science Advisor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Department of Commerce
Brooks Yeager
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment
Department of State
Sherri W. Goodman
Deputy Under Secretary
Department of Defense
(Environmental Security)
Elizabeth Durant
Director of Trade Programs
U.S. Customs
Department of the Treasury
Albert Eisenberg
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Department of Transportation
Norine Noonan
Assistant Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency

Council Staff
Lori Williams
Executive Director
Chris Dionigi
Assistant Director
National Policy, Science and Cooperation
Jamie Reaser
Assistant Director
International Policy, Science and Cooperation
Kelsey A. Passé
Program Analyst
Stephanie Parrish
Invasive Species Ecologist
Alexis T. Gutierrez
Web site Coordinator
Richard Orr
Risk Analysis Specialist and Detailee from the Department of Agriculture

Department Liaisons
A. Gordon Brown
Department of the Interior
Rebecca A. Bech
Department of Agriculture
Dean Wilkinson
Department of Commerce

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