National Management Plan: Appendix 4 - Invasive Species Advisory Committee members and List of Working Group Co-chairs

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Invasive Species Advisory Committee / Working Group Co-Chairs

Ted Batkin (Secretary)
California Citrus Research Board

Dennis Brinker
Jackson County Commissioner

Michael Buck
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Faith Campbell
American Lands Alliance

Allegra Cangelosi
Northeast Midwest Institute

James Carlton
Williams College

Gabriela Chavarria
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Barbara Cooksley

Steven Dewey
Utah State University

Celestine Duncan (Vice Chair)
Weed Management Services

Ann Gibbs
Maine Department of Agriculture

Nelroy Jackson
Monsanto Company

Robert Kanter
Port of Long Beach

The Honorable Dirk Kempthorne
Governor of Idaho

William Lindow
Commercial fisherman

David Lodge (Chair)
University of Notre Dame

Ronald Lukens
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission

Fred Matt
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation

Kathy Metcalf
Chamber of Shipping of America

Marshall Meyers
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Harold Mooney
Stanford University

Christian Oseto
Purdue University

Willie Reed
Michigan State University

Craig Regelbrugge
American Nursery and Landscape Association

Sarah Reichard
University of Washington

Linda Sheehan
Center for Marine Conservation

Daniel Simberloff
University of Tennessee

Randall Stocker
University of Florida

W. William Weeks
The Nature Conservancy

David Wilcove
Environmental Defense Fund

Steven Williams
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

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