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The purpose of the National Invasive Species Management Plan (Plan) is to provide a blueprint for Federal action (in coordination with other nations, States, local, and private programs) to prevent the introduction of invasive species, provide for their control, and minimize their economic, environmental, and human health impacts.

This section reviews actions already taken to implement the Executive Order on Invasive Species (Order), as well as actions planned or recommended for the future. Its intent is to address the most pressing invasive species problems, not to encompass every useful agency action that could be taken. When applicable, the items discussed below will build upon existing regulatory structures, including databases, programs, facilities, and policies. The actions are described in nine categories: Leadership and coordination, prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, restoration, international cooperation, research, information management, and education and public awareness. Although there is not a specific section that addresses monitoring, it is essential for activities ranging from restoration to detection. In addition, monitoring is needed to validate specific actions. These categories and actions are based on the duties of the eight Federal agencies constituting the National Invasive Species Council (Council) as established by the Order and informed by the deliberations of the Council, its Advisory Committee and working groups, and comments received by the Council during an extensive review process.

Many of the action items in the Plan can be completed or at least initiated with current resources. The Council recognizes that without significant additional and sustained resources for existing and new programs, it will not be possible to accomplish the goals of the Plan within the specified timeframes. Resources are also needed for assisting and encouraging the coordinated and joint actions with State, tribal, local, and foreign governments that are essential for many parts of the Plan. These resources will be needed to enable existing programs to take on new or enhanced responsibilities and are in addition to the resource needs associated with specific action items listed in the Plan. Estimates of the actual amount of additional support required will depend upon the details of each implementation schedule as these are developed by the lead Federal agencies and relevant States and stakeholders. These resources will then need to be requested by the individual agencies through the annual appropriations process.

Note: Throughout this document, the term "National Invasive Species Council" or "the Council" means the eight member Departments and their constituent agencies, with support provided by the staff assigned to the Council.

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